Kagiso Legodi: the little that I have to give means everything to me

“Whatever my mind can comprehend, I can achieve” these words are from 22 year old Kagiso Legodi, born and bred in the dusty roads of Gamashashane Limpopo, a rural Village tucked away from Polokwane CBD, South Africa.

A Social Entrepreneur,Writer and Founder of ‘I am She’; a women empowerment initiative that aims to address and redress the social gender inequalities of the past. Kagiso studied Accounting at Tshwane University of Technology; is a certified Emotion coach from MHI leadership firm; and recently she wrote a book, ‘Flooded But Not Drowned’.

Tell us about ”I am She”. What inspired you to start the organisation?

The reason why I started I am She is because I saw how as women we are still told of things that we cannot do. Some of us dream of only being housewives and most men still see us as objects. Therefore, I wanted to inspire women and to remind them that they are capable of achieving anything, beyond the stereotypes and labels.


Why women?

I am passionate about women and their well-being.


We are living in a developing country whereby a lot of people still go to bed on an empty stomach. Why was it important for you to create and run an organisation like this?

I know that I cannot help everyone( I cannot feed every hungry child) but, the little that I have to give means everything to me. My hope is that those who I have helped, will one day go out and help other people too.


What are the challenges you face when running your organisation and how do you overcome these challenges?

Not having the finances to fund all my ideas.

Sometimes people say things like, ‘she thinks she can change the world’. But, I never listen to negative talk and I don’t entertain it.

I overcome my challenges because I believe that whatever my mind can comprehend, I can achieve.


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What are your words of encouragement to young people out there who would like to be a helping hand?

Be in it for the people you are helping, not for yourself .

Be selfless and true.

Things will not be a walk in the park, but, remember your ‘why’- why are you in it? Is it fame, recognition or your love of people?


You recently wrote a book “Flooded But Not Drowned”, please tell us a bit about it.

Flooded But Not Drowned is a collection of real life stories by women. These are women who came out strong and victorious from the many storms they encountered. I have featured 7 different women who have been through child molestation, rape, rejection and low self esteem.

I want this book to touch lives, bring hope to the lost and heal the broken hearted. I call it ‘a book for the nations’ because of how it will change lives in Africa and beyond.


This means you will be playing a huge role in the media and people’s hearts . How do you plan on using this platform?

I plan to use this platform to groom myself into the woman I am destined to be. To create a positive name for myself in the media, and most importantly, to encourage other women to work on their dreams and transform their lives.


Where would you like the organization to be in the next five years?

My vision for I am She is beyond myself and beyond Africa. I see it as an international women’s empowerment platform. A platform addressing and redressing all the social gender inequalities of the past. I want it to teach women to embrace and inspire one another.


Facebook: Kagiso Princess Legodi

Instagram: KagisoPrincessLegodi

Email: legodiprincess@gmail.com

Are you involved in a women’s empowerment initiative?

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