Kalaria Ejindu: From Africa to the world

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Kalaria Ejindu is a value oriented, driven entrepreneur with years of experience in leadership and skill building training. She is the founder of Africaneurs Inc, a platform for African entrepreneurs to build their skills, expand their network and grow their businesses.

Through her engaging online contents and events, Kalaria hopes for Africaneurs to become the number one destination for African entrepreneurs. In this interview with SLA contributor Gracious, Kalaria talks to us about her growing business which aims to rid the degrading stories about Africa.

What problems do Africaneurs aim to solve?

Africaneurs provides African startups with the platform to build their skills, expand their network, get business tips and grow their business. We are an organization that motivates Africans to contribute to the development of a new Africa through our engaging online contents and events.

Because most of the stories out there about Africans are disturbing, insulting and ridiculous, Africaneurs Blog is dedicated to sharing stories and achievements of Africans. We also have an online shop that leads the way to allow every African entrepreneur and designer to present and sell his/her products to a cross-cultural market where all the profit made will go back to funding start-ups, Africaneurs events and projects.

How have you challenged yourself in the years since the start of your business?

In the past year till date, I have challenged myself by creating time from my busy work and school schedule in other to equip myself. I attended business related conferences, seminars and events. I was at the Harvard Business conference, Columbia conference and many more skill building events.

At these conferences, I learned new business skills and equipped myself for the work ahead of me. It is always good to learn from Moguls.

What kind of support is necessary for startup entrepreneurs?

For startups to be successful, they need support from family, friends, and the government. They need mentorship, funding, skill building and all the support they can get from the community at large.

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What kind of investors do you need for your business and how do you tend to attract them?

A good team of investors can take our organization to the next level of success. At this time, we need angel investors, personal investors, and event sponsors. At Africaneurs, we exude confidence in the value and impact of our programs in hopes that we can attract investors.

How do you connect to your target startup and how easily do you reach out to African based start-up entrepreneurs from the diaspora?

Through our engaging online content, we are able to connect with thousands of African-based startups. We have also partnered with some organizations such as the Xperience Media Online and Abiriba Exhibition Fair to host events in Nigeria.

We are planning another pan-African event in Nigeria this year and will keep all our followers in the loop.

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What support system and tools have helped you in the course of running Africaneurs?

I consider myself very blessed with a community of supporters. Just to name a few, I have my family, my friends -the founders of Dashiki Pride and the founder of Kajai Media. They have been very supportive of me and my entrepreneurial journey.

In terms of tools/resources that have helped me, I always fall back to books about entrepreneurship for example “The Power of Broke” by Draymond John and online contents from websites such as She Leads Africa.

What global concepts have greatly influenced your business strategy?

The concept “Africa to the world” has a great influence in my business strategy. At Africaneurs, we showcase the greatness embedded in Africa through our online contents, and Pan-African events.

Our mission to for the world to see how beautiful, creative and great Africans are.

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Tell us your one business mantra.

One mantra that helped my start my business and keep my business sailing is “Follow your passion and surround yourself with positive and smart people”

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About Gracious Ernest

Gracious Ernest is a happy feminist and an LL.B student at the University of Lagos. She is ecofriendly, loves to travel and is passionate about her faith and storytelling. Since 2015, she has been an ardent delegate at various model united nations and works towards the achievement of goal one and five of the SDGs. In 2018, Gracious was selected as a Women Deliver Young Leader. She speaks good English and poor Spanish and still hopes to play professional basketball someday.

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