Rinsola Abiola – Intellectual Capacity is key to career impact in politics for young women

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How do you prioritize your career duties and goals? 

I work in the House of Representatives as an aide to the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara. This assignment comes first so I plan everything around my work schedule.

Time management, communication, patience, listening, ability to design and implement ideas, adopting a leadership style that is truly democratic and being accessible.

I have also learned to delegate and to split the workload.


Share key employability skills to possess in order to have a career in politics

To occupy an appointive position, you need to be qualified for the spot you want to fill or have been nominated for and have a CV tailored to the requirements. This is because some positions require more technical knowledge than others. Sell your ideas and get people to believe in you.

Get a good, reliable mentor who can put you through, someone who can help finetune your ideas and give practical advice on how to proceed.


Have mentors helped in your career choice?

I have five mentors at the moment, they include a serving governor, a serving legislator, an aide to the President, a former minister, and commissioner, and a DG of a federal agency.

They have helped me develop my communication skills, giving practical advice on how to overcome the occasional challenge, and how to draft a workable plan in order to attain goals outlined for the future.


How do you remain relevant in your field?

I go on study visits to other countries for extensive interaction with young people in politics and an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Also, I study global political trends and discuss observations with people more knowledgeable than myself. I have also learned a great deal about the legislative process.

I’m about to enroll for another degree, this time it’s relevant to public service.


You seem to enjoy cooking. Would you take that beyond a hobby in the future? 

(Laughs) I like cooking, mostly out of necessity and dissatisfaction with food that’s not cooked how I would prefer. I tried my hand at food business as a teenager when I sold pastries.

However, I honestly do not think it’s a field I will be exploring any time soon. Perhaps, in future. Never say never.  I mostly just cook for family and friends, though.

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Give us 3 key advice/tips young women need to enter and sustain a choice in politics. 

Politics is expensive and you need resources. Work, earn, save. Build a good network of people who believe in what you stand for and would be willing to support you when the need arises.

All politics is local. You should know your people and your people should know you.

Do you have plans for a political career?

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