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Innovative Upcoming Icons

How Women Innovators are Reshaping Entrepreneurship Two exceptional women, Gabriella Ehiotoye Julius and Chioma Nnanna, are carving out unique paths and leaving an indelible mark on the country’s business landscape. Their remarkable journey from inception to success is a testament to the strength and innovation that characterize the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s delve into their […]

The Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Inspiring Stories of Tenacity and Triumph In the vast expanse of entrepreneurship, where dreams are nurtured and destinies forged, we find three extraordinary women who dared to turn their visions into reality. Priscilla, and Ubok, each with their unique stories and ventures, have embarked on a journey that is both exhilarating and challenging. Venturing into […]

Passion, Persistence, and Impact

Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference In the world of entrepreneurship, where dreams are cultivated, innovations are born, and impact is measured in strides, two remarkable women, Oladunni Kafilah Olaide and Olawunmi Olasoju, have stood out as shining examples of what it means to be a resilient and impactful entrepreneur. Their journey is a testament to […]

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Flame

Trailblazing Women Share Their Spark   In the vast expanse of the business world, where challenges reveal themselves like intricate puzzles and victories illuminate the horizon like radiant stars, two extraordinary women continue to stand as unwavering beacons of inspiration and catalysts of transformation.   Allow us to reintroduce you to Chinazom Arinze and Hafsat […]

Resilience With A Touch of Innovation

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities The entrepreneurial journey for African women is a dynamic tapestry interwoven with challenges and opportunities. This path requires resilience, creativity, and a visionary spirit to transcend barriers.   In this article, we spotlight two remarkable individuals – Dorcas Agada and Zainab Ishaq – who are crafting their destinies in the […]

Breaking Barriers, Chasing Dreams

Meet the Unstoppable Dreamweavers Navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship as an African woman demands a spirit of resilience and grace. The journey winds through challenges, twists, and turns that might leave even the most steadfast souls a bit breathless. Yet, within this dynamic tapestry, a remarkable narrative unfolds – one where women aren’t merely […]

SLA Top 50 Rising Motherland Mogul of 2023

Recognising 50 Rising Motherland Moguls Disrupting Industries and Trailblazing Across Africa [Lagos, Nigeria] – In commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day, She Leads Africa is announcing her Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls List, which features Under 30 African women who are change-makers, trailblazers, and bold visionaries. Undoubtedly, Africa is bestowed with immense creativity, talent […]

HGCP 2022 Participants: Pamela brings ethically farmed food produce to the market

We are so excited to introduce our motherland moguls to Pamela Orbih, a Petroleum Engineer, an entrepreneur, a mum, a wife, and a 2022 HGCP participant. It was so refreshing speaking to Pamela, her energy for life and her passion for her business Yummly by Nature were inspiring. Yummly Nature sells the best quality ethically-farmed […]

HGCP 2022 Participants: Esther is dedicated to nurturing young minds

“I will like to be remembered for the impact I made in the lives of children from underserved communities and how through the skills set they acquire from the Community Innovation Hub, they were able to rewrite their poverty story/history of their families” For Esther growing up in Akoko, Ondo State was no excuse to […]