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Chika Ilang is a civil servant during the day and the founder of Chika Ilang International; a personal development hub, with an interest in helping women build a life and career they truly love. 

A lot of young people feel dissatisfied when working with government agencies. What is your winning tip to stay motivated?

Most young people may not like it here. But if you have a clearly defined life vision, I believe you can succeed in any type of job. For instance,some people might not like their current job, but cannot make the move as yet, for financial or other reasons. I would advise that, you have no choice but to try love that job, because it brings in the money ( resources), so you can use it to fund your dream.

Now, not liking your job doesn’t mean that you should do shabby work, no, you should be your best at it, gather experience, and move when the time is right.

So for me, I’d say my winning tip is, my clearly defined life vision. I don’t see my job as a setback, because through it, I’m moving forward to where I want to be in life.


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What would you suggest to a young woman who wants to build a viable business while still holding down this career path?

Entrepreneurship isn’t a fashion trend. Don’t jump on it because everyone seems to be on it. Have a clearly defined vision.  Set a target for yourself; a business target you can meet, before you can comfortably take a bow out of your job, if you’d ever want to.

It’s dangerous to get a business idea and “sack your boss” tomorrow, because of this idea. Test it, ensure it’s profitable, then create a game plan that you’ll follow through as you progress. Don’t move blindly.


There are certain perceived limitations about working in government agencies. How can young career women strive to get quality work done?

I believe in giving my best wherever I am. If you’re there, be all there. I wouldn’t do this because of XYZ, I’d rather do it so it represents Chika, because that’s all that matters to me. So, be intentional about being an awesome employee.  What you wouldn’t want another to do with your own business, don’t do it to your boss as an employee.


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What can women who want to work for government agencies do to stand out?

Be unforgettable. Be the light in that space. It is the era of woman rising. Remember, you’re already expected to perform poorly at work because you’re a woman- disappoint everyone and be exceptional, just because you are a woman!



What would you like to be remembered for in your work?

At work, I’d like to be remembered as that Chika that led others to do right. The one that shone her light on everyone. That one that led a good life, which inspired others directly or indirectly to do good. The game changer that always asks others the way forward. The bubbly foodie that doesn’t joke with her lunch.

Are you a civil servant? We’d love to hear your story and career tips.

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