3 things to consider before changing jobs

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So, maybe your current employer is not bae or you have another suitor knocking at your door.

Whichever the case, there are key elements you need to look at before jumping ship or looking for greener pastures. These elements might be in your best interests in the long run.

1. Is it in line with your future goals?

Compensation and monetary benefits are always, most likely, our first motivating factor when looking for a job. However, once you do get a career that pays you more than peanuts, you might slowly realize you are not really cut out for it.  Especially if you are not meant to be in that field.

You will be comfortable for a few months but that itch to leave will come back sooner than you can say rands and nairas. When looking to changing jobs, you might want to look at what you really want to do with your career path. Think beyond your current needs.

5, 10 even 15 years from now is that better-paying job something you would still want to be doing then? Is it in line with your values and vision for your career? Have you even thought about your career beyond your current situation? Evaluate your career choice and what you want to do before putting cheddar first.

2. Is it flexible?

Sure, it’s cool to occasionally spend an extra few hours at a job, finishing off a project. But you may never realize the time constraints of a new environment and new responsibilities.

If you have aspirations of starting other side hustles, you have to give it a lot of thought. Will a new job allow you to be able to push the passion projects you have on the side? Beyond the obvious benefits of a new job and the fringe benefits, you need to consider your own development and growth.

Will you have time to pursue a short course, start a business, read SLA articles or listen to a webinar? Your time is an asset that is more valuable than you think. Consider your current projects and if your new job would allow you to still fully commit to them and their success. You have to know what you value as important before making the big leap.

Beyonce countdown3. Will you grow?

Yeah, you want a new job cause you get to work in a company your mom has actually heard about and will be able to tell her friends about without embarrassing you. However, some employers will not necessarily give you the growth opportunity you are looking for. You might not be able to flex your creative, innovative or strategic muscle if you are a small cog in a big machine, even if the machine isn’t that big.

You want to be able to move to a career that will allow you experiment, learn and grow and hopefully apply your expertise. This is not always ideal or realistic. However, you do not want to end up feeling stunted and unappreciated which is bad for both you and your employer.

Consider asking people who already work for that employer about their experience. Ask about the opportunities available for growth and if they consider employees an important asset.

Thinking about it first and laying your options beforehand will definitely help you. You’d be able to make a more informed and prepared decision than if you had not.

Happy job hunting.

About Lesego Otlhabanye

Lesego Barona Otlhabanye is in Product Development at the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency, a development bank giving funding to SMMEs start ups and expansions. She is a Global Shaper, an initiative by the World Economic Forum, blogger, author and a writer.

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