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Folayemi Agusto is a Business Development Manager for an online media company. When she’s not identifying business opportunities, she’s busy running The Artisan’s Gift Company, a retailer of handcrafted favours.

You can also find her on Eat.Drink.Lagos, where she is one half of the no holds barred restaurant review blog. Folayemi shares her 8 untold truths of having a side hustle.

Depending on the nature of your side hustle, the experience is different for everyone. When I first started my business, I wasn’t working and ran it full time. THEN, I went back to work *cue dramatic music*.

I thought to myself, “This shouldn’t be too hard, everyone in Africa has a side hustle…even Lupita.”

Lupita Nyong'o

Simply put, I was wrong! Here are 8 things people don’t tell you about having a side hustle!

1. Having only one to-do list is for learners.

You should have three separate to-do lists.

One for your day job, one for your side hustle and one for your personal life.

2. Working in the evenings can be a trap

You’ll plan to do work in the evenings, but most times you won’t. It goes something like this: get home, have dinner, unwind and then midway through an episode of Blackish you look up and it’s 10 pm!

To avoid this trap, you must remind yourself of the goals you’ve set. It’ll help do away with procrastination and keep you disciplined.

3. Social media planning is a major key.

If you manage social media accounts for your business, you’ll need a social media schedule.

This way, when your boss is on your neck over a report and your creative juices aren’t flowing, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a witty Instagram caption.

4. Streamlining saves you from excessive social media promotion

Use IFTT to cross share updates across all social media platforms.


5. You’ll have to pass up on weekday events

There will be some professional development programs/seminars on weekdays that you won’t be able to attend.

Don’t be too disappointed; there are good programs that happen on the weekends as well.

6. You are immobile during business hours

Have supplies to pick up in Lekki but you’re stuck at work in Ikeja? You don’t have to have a driver or wait till Saturday to run errands.

There are tons of pick-up and delivery companies popping up in big cities across Africa and you should have ALL of them on speed dial.

7. Lunch break is everything!

You will surprise yourself with how much you’re able to cram into your lunch hour.

Your coworkers may think you’re a bit of a phone addict but little do they know you’re actually getting your work on.

8. Once you get it, you get it

When you finally achieve the perfect side hustle/9-to-5 synergy. You’ll feel like you’re on autopilot and nobody will be able to stop you!

Running a side hustle is difficult but can also be an extremely rewarding experience. Along the way, you’ll discover talents you didn’t know you possessed and develop a newfound appreciation for time-management.

As a generation of risk-takers, we’re often encouraged to strike out in hopes of launching the “next big thing”. However, we mustn’t downplay the value in having a safety net while nurturing a business through its early stages.

Do you have a side-hustle? Share your side hustle tips with us in the comments!

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  1. Having an errand boy/ girl. or an intern or a mentee can come in handy when running a side hustle. you build this person business wise as they in turn help you run around during the times when your held up at work.

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