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Looking for a job? We have all been there. At SLA, we are all about empowering women who are successful in their industries, but it’s just as important to empower those who are still trying to make it. Looking for a job is no easy feat, and a couple of rejections here and there can really get to you. Staying positive is not easy and sometimes you need make a few of changes to get you ahead.

We spoke to HR Specialist Sonia Hlahla, who has great tricks up her sleeve to give us for the perfect job hunt. Hailing from the Free State, Sonia majored in Industrial Psychology and has since then, used her skills and expertise to empower the youth in the professional environment. Take a look at Sonia’s tips on what you need to do to land your dream job.

Make sure your CV/Resume is detailed

The first thing the recruiter needs to see are your most recent qualifications and jobs . Your CV is meant to sell you to us, so make sure it is highly detailed according to the job spec you are currently looking at. We also take references very seriously, so eliminate your friends and family from that list. You would also be surprised at the amount of CV’s we get that do not even have contact details, so make sure we are able to reach you for an interview!


Volunteer if you have time

Volunteer at your local school, hospital or children’s home. Especially if you are not working. Even if it’s not in your field, it helps in building great communication and interpersonal skills outside of your expertise. Getting a job is not just about being good at it, recruiters also want to see that you are able to interact with people from different backgrounds, it shows you can be a great fit for any company.


Skills, skills and more skills

Take a short course online, especially if you want a job in a certain industry. This tells recruiters that while you were unemployed, you are still eager to learn and improve yourself. This looks amazing on a CV, especially as a young professional. Most online courses are free and easy to get through if you are dedicated.


Career Portals are important

Always keep your LinkedIn page professional. A great tip that I love to give to people is that you should use these portals as a way to apply directly with the company. This eliminates the middle man and gives you direct contact with the company you want to apply to.


Never give up

Keep looking! Make an effort to apply for at least one job a day. Looking for a job can be a job in difficult and as human to get lazy at times, but you may miss out a job post that could be perfect for you. Pushing past your frustration will probably become challenging, it’s important to stay positive when you’re in a difficult spot, and a positive you creates a much happier job seeker.

So use these tips to stay level-headed. Keep on pushing and praying until you find the job of your dreams.

How did you stay motivated when you were job hunting? We’d love to hear your story and tips.

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