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Minna Salami: I’m impatient with the idea that the reason we should empower women is to grow the economy

Minna Salami

[bctt tweet=”Like all ideologies, feminism is an always changing one – Minna Salami” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Listed by ELLE Magazine as one of “12 women changing the world”, Minna Salami is a Nigerian-Finnish writer, blogger and commentator who has contributed to the popularisation of African feminism through her blog, MsAfropolitan.  Her writing appears in the UK Guardian, […]

Why we need to start empowering girls

zimbabwe girls empowering

A number of African cultures traditionally sideline girls leaving few opportunities for us to talk about the prevention of abuse. While some African governments have introduced laws aimed at protecting girls, protection alone is insufficient. We need the platform to show who we are and what we can do without being viewed as “just girls”. […]

Key steps to finding your voice

Like many girls and young women growing up in a patriarchal culture, I embodied this “less than” attitude as I grew up. While women are leaders in many regards, there is still a shadow that we live under. Women may have the education, the experience and the drive to successfully guide a team of people […]

Role models for the woman who doesn’t want kids

billie holiday didn't have kids

It’s time for a brutally honest conversation. Some women don’t want kids. Being a parent is just one of the many roles that women can play. I particularly feel angry when women are pushed into or forced to be parents when they have no intention, inclination or desire to be mothers. Parenting, including having kids, […]

When is the right time to tie the knot?

tie the knot

This is question that runs through just about every girl’s mind once she counted as a woman. In the 70’s, women were often married off by the time they were 18-years-old, even earlier when cultural norms were considered. If you were 25 and still unmarried, you were seen as an old spinster. Emphasis on the […]

It’s time to question the strict gender roles placed on women

shehive nyc gender roles

One of the major gender roles set apart for women is that of the nurturer. But nurturing takes time. It keeps women away from other activities. It drains us emotionally. It makes us places nurturing above other roles. It costs money. It reduces resources available to women. I was born into a family of 7 […]

How to be career focused and not disappoint your mother

It started as a conversation with my friend. We were talking about topics we’d love to read about and I said I wished someone would write a manual on how to not disappoint your mom. Mothers…bless their souls, we love them but there’s something about knowing you’ve disappointed your mother that leaves an indelible mark […]

20 powerful Chimamanda Adichie quotes for today’s boss women

chimamanda adichie

Nigerian writer, speaker, and activist, Chimamanda Adichie, is beloved by many. The award winning novelist and Ted talk sensation is fiercely revered for being a thought leader on Africa and contemporary African politics. With her recent feature on Beyonce’s self titled album, Beyonce, many have come to know her for talk, “We should all be […]

We should all be feminists: The business case for women’s inclusion

Mao Zedong once said: “Women hold up half the sky”. While I wholeheartedly agree with this notion— I must add that in Africa, women not only  hold up half the sky but also hold down the land and everything therein. Let’s examine the facts: According to ActionAid International, women make up more than half of […]