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By now, it is no secret that the prestigious program, Empretec is now in Kenya. This came about after an intense week of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Nairobi last month.

After the formalities, it was announced that the Kenyan National Chamber of Commerce and Industry would be partnering with UNCTAD on this program. Mary Muthoni is the chairperson of the Women In Business committee at the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce.

Empretec will mean a lot to Kenyan women as they get to benefit from the perks that come with being a part of the program. Some of these benefits are already being enjoyed by women in other African countries, like Zimbabwe.

This will bring many benefits too Kenyan Motherland Moguls and we share some of them below.

Capacity building

Empretec offers a rich training program with a pool of 64 international trainers and 160 trained local trainers.

These trainers are all about impacting personal development and business skills to participants who include women from the formal, informal and the employment sectors. Their curriculum is also tailored to international standards.

Creating of life bonds amongst Empretec trainees

Once a part of Empretec, you’re in it for life. The program follows up on its participants even after training as part of a lifelong relationship.

Empretec sponsors follow up to see how the lessons learnt impacts the businesses of participants.

It gets even better because you can always find a shoulder to lean on in the Empretec family.

Networking and mentorship

Ladies love conversations and it’s never a dull moment you can open up and create bonds. Empretec takes in women of all ages and orientation. So hanging out with other women in the program will always mean something new will be learnt.

Also, Empretec has trained a large pool of women over the years since its establishment in 1988. Empretec’s presence  in 37 countries means that when you  join this community, you get to build a network with women from not only your home country. You’re part of a network of women from the rest of the thirty-six countries including  Ethiopia, Ghana, Jordan, Botswana, Argentina, and Algeria.

Smart girls know that their network is their net worth. Here you’ll need to be ready to establish contact with  people from all walks of life. Be it the Motherland Moguls who have already established their businesses and are looking to offer seed funding for great business ideas or intelligent young women with brilliant ideas and that are looking for persons with expertise to partner with.

Empretec is a well that keeps giving but never runs dry. Here, you get everything you need and all that’s required of you is to make it work.

You’ll get to see that women from various developing countries face the same difficulties as you. And that the only way to emancipation is in finding long-term solutions for entrepreneurs.

Locally certified trainers

The availability of local trainers certified by the UN body means that members have access to the very best. With Empretec, you can have access to trainers with the know-how to get you through business challenges. This will help you confidently experiment with new ways of doing business .

Obviously, the business field can be tricky, filled with uncertainties and other stress.  You will need to have your hand held by the right people to navigate through these scenes and come out successful.

Identifies and enhances personal opportunities

Empretec’s training is personalized and depends on what stage you’re at in the business world.

There will be people looking to venture into business for the first time and those with great business ideas needing guidance on breaking even. In addition, there are others already in the business scene and seeking to expand their visibility.

Empretec will be a great space for Kenyan women to get answers and to learn how they can use their talent to make money .

Eradication of poverty and social problems.

Empretec encourages women to be social entrepreneurs. This means establishing businesses that seek to solve social, cultural and environmental problems.

The purpose of these businesses is not just to make money but to also leave a positive mark on the society. Empretec encourages entrepreneurs to work towards achieving sustainable development goals even as they make their money.

Awards and recognition

Empretec honors her alumni at the Women in Business Awards. A Vietnamese lady, Tran Thi Viet won gold at this year’s awards for her company, Viet Trang Handicraft. Her company makes basket-woven goods from banana leaves, water hyacinth, corn leaves and bamboo.

The company had a humble beginning but now exports goods worth $1000 million to the European Union. Viet Trang Handicraft went on to create employment for 250 weavers.

This is the spirit of Empretec, to solve societal problems in our countries and at the same time make money for the entrepreneur.

In summary, Empretec is the place to be for any woman seeking to make it in the business arena. The opportunities here are immense and ladies up for first dibs will definitely have more than enough to carry home.

With all this said, it’s time for Motherland Moguls in Kenya to grab this opportunity!


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