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Well, everyone knows or should know Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola aka DJ Cuppy. If you also do not know Sharon Adeleke aka Rona Wigs, then you should know the Adelekes, that is Davido’s family.

So what do these two women have in common?

Daddy is stinking rich, yes, but that not withstanding, they work and they are really good at what they do. Now, these ladies have a couple of things to teach us about business and life in general.

1. Daddy’s money is not necessarily mine

When asked why she was making wigs, Sharon replied;

“Yes my daddy has his money but it is not my money. My daddy has his own money, Davido has his, I want to make mine.”

Sharon’s hustle are the beautiful wigs she makes herself

It is quite accepted to see a rich kid live off trust funds and have an enormous social life. They do  not necessarily have to work, I mean who has to work when the money is there, right?

No. Here are two women, daughters of some of the richest men on the continent slugging it out. Well not really slugging it out, but the hustle is real baby.

Sharon and Cuppy do it normal way, starting something sustaining the drive, making a name and creating a global brand.

2. Passion drives

Anybody who knows Cuppy personally, knows she loves her music production. She is crazy about what she does and takes time to do it right. No half-bakes for the eclectic DJ.

Sharon gushes over her wigs like they are the new definition of bae. It is evident that she enjoys what she does and she has turned it into a business. They work their passion and make money from it like no (wo)man’s business.

Their businesses show the depth of their dreams. This is not just mere working to show that they can work, no, this is a dream. You see this in the hands-on way Sharon handles Rona wigs. She uses social media to advertise herself and is fully involved in the entire wig-making process.

And well, it’s not like Cuppy can give out the spin table to someone else to “help” her spin.

3. Know what you do


Cuppy can hold a crowd’s rapt attention with her music. She remixes almost everything and puts the “DJ Cuppy” spin on it.

You see her right there on stage making new sounds out of old songs. This is not just someone who can DJ, this is a lady who can spin.

Sharon said “I love making wigs and I am good at it”. Nuff said! These are not rich kids pretending to work , nah, these are Motherland Moguls who work! And there is no stopping them.

4. Playing the daddy card

Well, it might not be your daddy, but if someone around you has the fame and the money, make it count. We are not all children with rich dads even though we may know some.

We cannot deny the massive boost that being Otedola’s daughter has given to DJ Cuppy or how being an Adeleke has and will influence Rona wigs. Sharon openly admits to having had a privileged life.

Still, both women have something that could be watered. Yes, some people will get away with daddy’s money and position. But if Sharon and DJ Cuppy use “daddy’s” card, it’s to rake up the market, connect and build their brands.

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